The Blast 9 Day Clean Up Project

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You probably want to know what is involved right?


First though, I think its important for you to know that the principles laid out in the 9 Day Project really are principles that will stay with you forever. Not faddy methods or the next shiny object syndrome that this world seems to be obsessed with, but principles that if you remain true to them will serve you very well for many years to come.

How and Why?

Because it makes sense!

There’s no calorie counting, no green, blue , orange, yellow , violet days and certainly no starvation! Just clean whole natural foods, in recipes designed to optimise your function and energise your life! Sounds grand but this is the feedback I have had.


So What Do You Get In Your  Blast 9 Day Clean Up Project:


  • Introduction
  • Rules– There’s Only 6 🙂
  • Your 9-Day Meal Planner– Leaving no meal to chance.
  • Your Shopping List– ideal for making your shopping trip easier.
  • Your Recipes for The 9 Day Clean Up Project– exact recipes for each meal.
  • Supplementing For Liver Health– Natural supplements designed to enhance the benefits you will already get from removing the stressors and adding the great food you will be.
  • The Trainers Trials: The 9 Day Clean Up Project Blog: Here’s how the trainer faired when trialling this for you.
  • Conclusions and Future Recommendations From Our Trial: What we changed as a result of the trial.
  • Your Meal Planner Day 10-17
  • Your Meal Planner Day 18-25
  • Your Blast Recipes
  • Intermittent Fasting Meal Planners Week 1-3
  • Hot to Trot for Vegetarians 7 Day Meal Planner
  • Hot to Trot Vegetarian Recipes
  • A Note From Your Trainer


So there you have it, the decision is yours, you have 9 days to give it your best shot.


The next 9 days will pass regardless, it just depends what you do with them.


Here are just  5 benefits of this programme are :

1. Liver Cleansing– for improved fat utilisation and burning

2. Increased Alertness– helping you feel more alert in the mornings

3. Increased Energy– when you need it most

4. Reduced Adrenal Stress– due to the removal of certain known toxins

5. Reduced Sugar Cravings– due to improved blood sugar regulation


What’s Your Reason?


Maybe you just want to feel happier, perhaps you just need to be told what to eat, whats good for you, what should be avoided and have a done for you template.


Perhaps you are going on holiday, just got back from holiday, need to get ready for an event (wedding, staff party) or competition.


I don’t want to go all ‘sciencey’ on you but you NEED to know that if your liver is stressed then you will struggle to lose that stubborn fat around the middle.


Stress to the liver comes in a few forms, nutritional stress is one of the major ones.


You may have tried faddy diets that haven’t worked, or did short term, only to find you piled back on the pounds after wards and some!


Not this time, stay true to the ‘rules’ in the plan and you will feel awesome! Ready to take on the world each morning.

This really is a no-stone un turned approach to cleaning up your liver and energising your life!


Regardless of whether your goal is fat loss or not (mine wasn’t when I did it), this programme will give you the tools to make lifelong decisions about your nutrition that will leave you wishing you found out about this before.


I am not going to do the whole sales thing and tell you that you won’t be able to get it ever again, but I am going to offer it at a reduced cost for those of you who take action.


Remembering success loves speed!

Take a look at the picture below, you can see whats involved and if you break it down, all this information is available to you for only £3 per day even if you just use it for 9 days.


For a limited time only, in fact until the end of September 9th 2012  , I will make this available to you for £27, thereafter it will be going up.


Its ridiculous value at this price , so if you want it, just make your investment and I will personally email it across to you.



Order Your Copy By Clicking The ‘Buy Now’ Button below:

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