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Matt Luxton, Trainer, The Blast Fitness Camp, Launceston
Matt Luxton - Trainer


I hate writing about myself, it’s like making a speech and the golden rules of a speech are don’t talk about yourself!! But look, here’s a bit about me……

I have lived in and around the Devon and Cornwall border all my life, except for the 3 years I went to University.  I absolutely love sport, exercise, nutrition and physical activity, and subsequently I can’t wait to get up every morning and work with my clients.

I was educated in Tavistock at Kelly College, and then Exeter College, where I was a member of the South West England Rugby Academy, and latterly at Launceston College to complete my A levels.

I graduated from the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff with a BSc (Hons) Degree in Sport & Physical Education. During my time at university I pursued my dream of becoming a personal trainer and gained qualification through the YMCA. The YMCA is the most renowned and recognised training provider in the world. I subsequently established Functionally Aware Fitness.

During the summer of 2008, I spent time in Los Angeles, more particularly at the world famous Gold’s Gym, Venice beach. Here I spent a month working with some of the world’s best personal trainers, attended conferences in Long beach and Irvine to enhance my knowledge and my education. I have more recently been to the Institute of Human Performance (IHP) in Florida, for a mentorship with one of the most highly regarded authorities in fitness and training, JC Santana. I also passed JC’s IHP Functional Training Specialists and became one of three in Europe.

I believe that to provide the best possible service to my clients whether they are Personal Training, BLAST Fitness Camp members or the school children I coach, I don’t consider myself merely in the Fitness industry; I am however in to fitness and the profession. I believe in a holistic approach which is based on a full commitment to both training and nutrition. I strongly believe that true a truly successful training programme that provides long lasting physiological and psychological results relies on 100% commitment and education to efficient training and realistic nutrition.

In order to continuously provide clients with the best possible service, I frequently attends new courses and gain qualifications, enabling me to make sure that every client who uses Functionally Aware Fitness and BLAST Fitness Camps gets the best possible service. It’s no secret, I absolutely love my profession.

I can’t wait to work with you!!