What do I need to bring to every session?

Along with your positive ‘can do’ mindset, a smile and your sense of humour,

you will need:

  1. Trainers (not fashion, see Gary and Sarah at Launceston Sports, they will sort you with a shoe that suits your foot and gait)
  2. Workout Towel ( we will sweat)
  3. Workout mat (available from Launceston Sports)
  4. Water (you must bring this)

I would also bring warm clothing particularly in winter, and then you can strip down as you get warmed up.

In the summer months the fitness camp will be run outside. If the sky looks suspect, bring your gloves and waterproofs and we will get it done!

You may be required to bring light dumbbell’s (1-6kg) (but you will be given plenty of notice on this)

Do I have to take before and after photos?

Yes. These are a great source of motivation and have inspired many of my clients to take action. You don’t have to share them with me initially but I am sure you will be so proud of the results that you won’t hesitate at a later date.

Im out of shape, with little confidence, and haven’t exercised for years. Will this be suitable for me?

Yes! Absolutely every exercise on the program has a bunch of different variations that make them suitable for just about anyone to complete. You’ll work at your own pace, not anyone else’s, and you can be sure that there will be other people there in exactly the same position as you. It is my job to make sure that you lose body fat, work as hard as you can and enjoy the experience.

I feel really unfit and don’t want to feel like I’m out of place. Can you help?

Yes! Everyone is made to feel very welcome, and you’ll meet loads of new people who are in a similar situation as you. No one is left behind in any of the workouts, and you’ll get a lot fitter very quickly.

Will there be loads of running, as I cant run and I can’t stand it?!

No! If you ever have to run, it’ll be a short distance, and not very often. In fact, we hardly ever do any running at all. You will be asked to run, but never more than 60 meters without changing direction!

What ages come to Blast Fitness Camp?

I have trained clients from had ages from 16 to 69 so far. So long as you’re medically ok to exercise, you’re good to go! If you’re worried at all, just pop me an email right here ;-)

Is the fitness camp military related?

Absolutely not. There’s no whistle blowing or shouting, and certainly no camo pants! Your trainer is highly qualified in fitness, and there’s nothing military about the workouts, other than maybe the precision with which they’re planned and delivered.

Why don’t you offer a pay and go program, or bookings in blocks of 6 sessions?

BLAST Fitness Camps isn’t a fitness class. It’s a unique program that’s been designed in order to provide members with amazing fat loss and health results. Quite simply, you’re not going to get these life changing results if you don’t commit to the program. If you’re after a pay and go fitness class, then this isn’t right for you ;-(

We require a commitment from you, so that we can guarantee that you’ll actually get the results you’re after, instead of just ‘hitting and hoping’. That’s fair right?

What do I do if I can’t get to a session though?

People occasionally can’t turn up to training for one reason or another. That’s part of the reason why the members site has a load of home workouts uploaded to it. It means that you can always take a step to making up missing the scheduled workout, and keep on track to hitting your targets.

Do I have to tell you which sessions I am attending?

No. You just need to attend 3 per week.

N.B. If you are a Personal Training client of FA Fitness you will have discussed which sessions you can attend.

Do I have to attend 3 sessions per week?

Yes, I have designed the training programmes and systems to give you optimal results based on training three times per week. I understand that there may be occasions that unforseen circumstances arrive and you
can’t quite make it. I have designed a series of BLAST Training Systems
Home Workouts, which you can access in the INNER CIRCLE.

I will be honest with you, I dont take whinging and whining in my camps, it drags other members down. I am compasionate and empathetic but I won’t have the wool pulled over my eyes. I want you to experience
results and enjoyment from my fitness camp.To enable this to happen,
I find that participation and adherance to the programme directly correlate to the RESULTS achieved!

How do you know that the program will work for me?

Because it’s been tried an tested on literally hundreds of people, and everyone who has committed to the BLAST Training Systems program has achieved superb results. Adhere to the principles, the principles will work for you.

Are you ready to commit to success?

  • Yes Matt, I’m ready to quit trying all these faddy diets and celebrity workout DVD’s and start getting results
  • Yes Matt, I’m ready to switch off my ‘ lazy, get fat’ hormones, and switch on my ’energised, get fit’ hormones.
  • Yes Matt, I’m ready for an exciting and fun, fat destroying workout program
  • Yes Matt, I’m ready to get my body looking, feeling and moving how I want it to
  • Yes Matt, I’m ready to get pushed and motivated, and work for the body I want to live in

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