Experience Week

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Welcome To Team Blast.


What makes Blast Fitness Camps unique is that a lot of our members come for the RESULTS and stay for the EXPERIENCE.

We pride ourselves on delivering both and the experience week is a fantastic way of you coming to see this in action.

There are a few things that you need to do before you come along on Monday to the first session.

Please do these in this order before Friday lunch time as we like to call all our members on the Friday prior to the fitness camp beginning.

1. Text Matt  (if on Launceston camps) on 07841 136302 with your name or

Amanda (if on Tintagel Camp) 07584084040

2. Email Matt via (info@fa-fitness.co.uk) and Amanda (amjaneed@yahoo.co.uk) with your best email address, the one that we will use to provide you with our support system designed to help you maximise your results.


4. Download Preparation Week -7Days Meal Planner – Matt Luxtons WMP

5. These two Sample Meal Planners.


There you go its as simple as that. Should you then decide to sign up for the full membership you will then get access to:


– The Hot to Trot Nutritional Plan- this explains how and why what we do is so effective -long term

– The Full 28 e-coaching course

– A Free Blast Fitness Camps T Shirt

– The Blast 7Lbs In 7 Days Detox Book

– The New Members Handbook- The bible of Blast explaining the why we do everything we.

– Of course full access to VIP Members Area where we host all of our videos, articles, blog posts, recipes etc

– The Training Programme- The remaining 3 weeks of the programme which will be an experience.


On Monday bring with you:

Your PARQ and DISCLAIMER all printed and signed- you cannot take part with out these.

Your water bottle, exercise mat and your best smile.


If you have any questions, quite often its best to call .


To Your Success