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Attention: Before You Waste Anymore of your hard earned cash on a gym membership, diet, boot camp or trainer in Launceston. READ THIS!



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Being Overweight, out of shape, unfit and simply sick and tired is not a coincidence, its your body telling you to do something different. Its time to change. Its time to take action before its too late.

Lots of people around Launceston, North Cornwall and West Devon have tried weight loss programmes, diets and gym memberships they never used. However, some did go but it still didn’t work, all that hard graft on the running machine, the money wasted on slimming shakes and pills and many other faddy methods still leave you struggling to see the results you want. Leaving you disillusioned when you attempt to fit into the clothes in your wardrobe or in front of the mirror.

So are you condemned to taking those great clothes back to the shop and faced with the prospect of wearing clothes that hides your fat bits for ever?

The secret to the results and weight loss we get our clients , is a fully bonified and holistic system that is underpinned by scientific fact and no jargon or unnecessary hype.


Are these results your average for most people I hear you ask? No! Our results are as far away from average as you could get!

To Be Honest ….I Had Enough Of Average Service

Blast Fitness Camps Matt Luxton

I had a passion to help people beyond what I was able to in the conventional gym environment. I was still getting people good results but I knew I could do more. So I got out of playing someone else game and set about educating myself on how I could be even better, getting my clients even better results and getting them the bodies they dreamed of.

After 7 years of study I created the BLAST Fat Loss Formula. At first I thought that it might sound too simple to people and they might not believe it would work, but how wrong was I. The results have been phenomenal.

Many people think that you cant possibly feel great buy modafinil czech republic without calorie counting or sleeping at the gym! I put it to the test, over and over again and it kept producing results.

Clients kept dropping fat, inches, getting stronger, feeling better, feeling cleaner, feeling more productive and sleeping better. The system worked!!!


Fancy Burning Fat Whilst You Sleep?

The area’s around Launceston, North Cornwall and West Devon are brilliant for walks and cycles but when you stop so does the fat burning. Yes the jogs, aerobics classes and Zumba parties are fun but again, they aren’t the best way to get in great shape. Scientific research shows that systems we use help burn stubborn fat for up to 48 hours after any of our Blast Fitness Camp Fat Burning sessions. Yes even whilst you have your head under your pillow and snuggled up in bed! The formula we have put together leaves absolutely nothing to chance. We don’t hand out boring or unrealistic meal plans, neither do we just hammer or ‘beast’ our clients. We provide you with our scientifically proven system that gives you permission to succeed.

SIMPLE DELICIOUS FOODS ALONG WITH PROGRESSIVE & FUN EXERCISE = Energy, Positivity, Reduced Stress and Rapidly Improving Fitness Levels.




Forget all of the aforementioned faddy methods of weight loss, that results in weight gain long term. Our system, enables you to eat freely from vegetables, certain fruits, meats, fish, eggs and poultry. Many of our clients have said they can’t believe how they lose weight and eat more. You will not be hungry!

Would you like to stop wasting your hard earned money on speculative methods and do something with a results driven system that not only delivers results in terms of weight loss, but most importantly, happiness.

When you join the Blast Fitness Camp Team, you are doing just that. You will be working with a group of liked minded people who are determined to be their best in the 40 minute sessions by following the Blast Fat Loss Formula.

Even if your will power has let you down before, I can assure you that being part of this group will make you more responsible and provide you with the accountability you have lacked previously.


Here’s How You Can Get Your Body Back!

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Monday: 6:20 am - 7:00 am

Tuesday: 6 pm - 6:40 pm

Wednesday: 6:20 am - 7:00 am


Thursday: 6pm - 6:40 pm

Friday: 6:20 am - 7:00 am


 Matt Luxton BSc (Hons)

Creator of Blast Fitness Camps
Owner of Functionally Aware Fitness Personal Training 
Voted Cornwall's Best Fitness Instructor 2016
Voted The UK's Most Innovative Fitness Entrepreneur 2012
International Best Selling Author of The Fad Free Fitness Formula
Author of The Hot to Trot Cook Book and The Equestrian Athlete Plan
Email: / Phone: 07841 136302

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